Sepehr Sepas Sepanta company began its activities as the most wide spreading network  in distributing dates by modern ways, distribution and selling has been started by efforts of numbers of experienced and young managers since 2009 under the registration number 365477 provided in State Organization for registration of deeds and properties and Company Registration General office. the company could manage to start exporting dates after a little while of variegating the requirements of the customers in Iran.  Now, in addition to the wide-spreading of Saghar dates in more than 100 agencies in Iran and vast distribution in Tehran, Saghar dates are exporting to many countries overseas like Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Turkey, Iraq and Georgia.
We provide many kinds of dates such as Mazafati, Zahedi, Rabbi, Piarom, Shahani, Dashtestan, sap of dates and chips of dates. As one of the chief suppliers and exporters, we offer a wide range of high quality Dates as per the demands and requirements of clients.