About Us

Sepas Sepehr Sepanta Company by Saghar brand and with hope and reliance on God and having experienced team in the field of manufacturing, packing, marketing and sales in the domestic and international levels committed with decade of experience, introduce its ability to you as following:

1- Having a strong buying team in Bam region, to make the best dates.

2- Exports to countries such as Iraq, Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Georgia.

3- Having an active customer database of over 5000 customers in regions 1 to 8 in Tehran.

4- Having more than 100 eager and active staff in production in Tehran and Bam.

5- Contracts with more than 60 consumer cooperatives in Tehran.

6- Contract with Yaran Daryan the chain stores with more than a hundred active branches.

7- Contract with Shams the chain stores with more than fifty active branches.

8- More than eighty sell agencies in the country.

Here is a number of stores and cooperatives:


Yaran Daryan Chain stores

Shahrake Gharb consumer cooperatives

Mostazafan cooperative foundation

Dey Hospital

martyr Beheshti University Consumer Cooperative

Research Organization Consumer Cooperative

Cooperative employees Industries Development and Renovation Organization of Iran

Amirkabir University consumer Cooperative Cooperative Sensing Organization Arian Kimia Tak company

The Consumer Cooperative of Azad University

Sepah consumer cooperative

Nikan Hospital consumer cooperative

Foolad Company consumer cooperative

Chizar consumer cooperative

Martyr Rajaee consumer cooperative

Centre for Statistics consumer cooperative

Educators consumer cooperative

Tejarat Bank consumer cooperative

Housing and Urban Development consumer cooperative

Javad Aemeh consumer cooperative

Asia Insurance consumer cooperative

Kaleh Distribution Center

Labafi Nezhad Hospital consumer cooperative

Chain Stores